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    Know no bounds.


    Explore what Kami Apparel means to us.


    Life is intimidating.


    As nine students currently attending high school, we feel the struggle. The struggle to speak correctly, the struggle to wear correctly, the struggle to act correctly, the struggle to look correctly. The struggle to fit in. Aside from the academics and pressures and fear for our futures, how we give into or push away from peer pressure and the stress is what makes this time of our lives unique.


    Kami means "paper" in Japanese. The way we see it, every life can be represented by a piece of paper, each person starting with the same piece, nothing more, nothing less. The way you choose to change your paper is completely in your hands. Whether good or bad, there aren't always directions on how to change your life, or your paper; you can fold it, tear it, cut it, or throw it away - it's completely up to you. To Kami Apparel, your life - ESPECIALLY during the tough expanse of high school - should be uniquely yours, and so should the clothes you wear. It is ultimately your choice to uphold healthy values in your life. We represent a different type of clothing company, one not solely geared towards the hype of the brand, but rather the beauty, creation, and meaning behind the individual aesthetic of the products we release.


    This is Kami Apparel, and we know no bounds.

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    Prosperity can be defined as flourishing or thriving. The value of prosperity mirrors what almost all of us desire in life, but the only way to truly prosper is to let go of the many worries that may envelope your thoughts. Especially as students, we constantly have another test festering in our minds or a deadline to meet. At least for a moment in your day, think to flourish in the joy of a thing called life. Take a breath and thrive. We are going to prosper through thick and thin.


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  • FAQ

    Why was Kami Apparel founded?

    Kami Apparel was created as a Virtual Enterprise class project at Lynbrook High School. We were challenged to create a working business and here we are.

    How are your shirts screen printed?

    We choose to hand screen print our shirts through our team under the basis that we are a clothing brand for students, by students. It's important for us to take that extra time to learn and grow with our company. We buy our own ink, screens, and blanks.

    How do drops work?

    Drops are a one time offer because we buy exact order numbers. Once a drop is sold out, there is rarely a chance to buy it again! Regardless, we will always send out a preorder form to insure we are able to give you the lowest discount price possible, but if you miss that deadline you can always buy the clothing piece for a few more dollars.

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